Do You Need a Personal Trainer?

Quite offen I come accross this question "Do I need a personal Trainer?", and I explain them the same thing. I have always thought to write about it. Here it is for you all to read it.

The answer is YES. A Personal Trainer will hold your hand and lead the way on your journey to achieve your excellence. Most client would say: "No. I've been doing this for X number of years and I am well experienced enough to know it myself". Further more, "Internet would help me!, Thanks!". Big mistake, you just turn down the key to achieve good physic. Let me explain you how.
Have you ever asked yourself: How much is YOUR progress for the past 3 months? Do you bench 20 lbs more than you did three months ago? Have your arms gained that inch you wish you had? How you found any improvement happening to you for past 3 months? Face it! most of you are stuck with Youtube or Google, without any real gain. Internet offers a lot of valuable information. But on the other hand you should also understand your body and its growth rate before adopting anything from internet. Either you have be an expert on Bodybuilding or hire an expert PT who can help you explain which one is best for your body growth.
Our PT understands your anatomy quite well, they also know when to time your meals to gain muscle and not fat. You can prevent countless injuries, plateaus that could last 6 months or longer if once hurt. A PT can also guide you through diet which will enable you loss more and more fats than muscles. When all of them come together,  then and only then this can get you optimum results.
Bubofitness PT has only one purpose only, to help you achieve your goals. They will hold your hand and lead the way on your journey to excellence. Our professional PT will guide you, if needed even push you to the limits.
It took them a long way through hard work and experience gained over time by lots of reading and complete understanding of the human anatomy to become a certified PT. And when you hire a PT , in fact you are also buying all this knowledge along with it
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Subhajit Sarkar

Owner Health Work Fitness Club, Siliguri

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