Benefits of Zumba

If you are a little tired riding a bicycle and want to take a break from the treadmill or pumping iron the new you can try this new trend fitness exercise called Zumba presented by Health World Fitness Club, Siliguri.


A question of the day what exactly is Zumba anyway?
Zumba is a latin inspired cardio dance formate and it was actually founded by a German from columbia and so three-quarters what we doing Zumba classes are typically latin music either latin pop or traditional latin . In our Zumba Classes, we have a mix of pop culture music. Everybody can learn to do Zumba well because Zumba is designed for an average participants. [People are the best worked at it] everybody can do this. And its benefits are immense , at its core Health World Fitness Club Zumba classes are intended to large calorie burn through aerobic activity done with interval training in mind. Depending upon your body weight, fitness level or other common physical factors the number of calories you burn in a typical zumba class for a person of 70 kg, doing ZUmba for one hour make it actually burn 500 to 600 calories.



Do people really like this new type of exercise?
This is what our client has to say about our Zumba Classes, “I have not missed even one class another if I don't sweat, i don't love it. The last 15 minutes are my favourite. And when it ends, it's when I am ready to go for another hour”. IT's so easy , anyone can try do it, of any age. From little ones can do if you can get them involved up to grandma and grandpa. Words from another happy client, “I am loving the music. You just feel good in real. Dancing was my hobby and now it became a combo pack with workout and dancing both together”. You have to be able to get into it and once you get into your learning processes it then never-ever ending workout process. If you don't shake it , you lose it, and trust me you don't want to do that. A 65 year old client says “I enjoy it! I had joint pains, but still If I can do it anyone can do it. I am also recovering from my Joint pains”. Our Health World Fitness Club Zumba Classes designed to burns some serious calories, and you will feel it yourself. Join Us today For Zumba classes in Siliguri.


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