5 Reasons Why You Should Join MMA and Boxing today!

MMA is a full-contact combat sport that allows both striking and grappling, both standing and on the ground, using techniques from other combat sports and martial arts. This are the 5 reason why I think MMA and Boxing is phenomenal workout and you should try it. Join Health World Fitness Club today for MMA and Boxing classes.

Hello Everyone, My name is Subhajit Sarkar aka Bubo, and today I gonna tell you why you should incorporated MMA and Boxing training into your workout schedule. I myself have been extremely passionate about Workout and Fitness, our Gym is located in Siliguri, Darjeeling. I have dedicated myselves for this industry for almost two decades. And as a matter of fact, I have been interested in MMA and Boxing longer then I have been running our Fitness Club. We have recently started training classes for MMA and Boxing in our gym. I have decided to add MMA and Boxing in our classes because to train as a elite-level athlete, you need extreme level of stamina, and just by doing Cardio or Weight Lifting you can not get youself going. Here are the five reasons why you should join our MMA and Boxing classes today.

1. Upper body power

What is power all about? Power is the ability to express strength and express speed all in one shot. And the Power decline as we age. we make sure that our technique and skills of training you, keeps your power up and going at any age. MMA and Boxing is something where we are moving fast and strong, and we mostly focus to regain that irrespective of any age.

2. Energy System:

By Energy System, you might think of Aerobic or Cardio. When it come to boxing we have anaerobic - an energy system and aerobic system. I don't want you to get too complicated with this, what I want you to know is that boxing combines this two together at one time and thus it feels so awesome after the workout. This is how we train our clients and motivate them to become an elite-level conditioned athlete.

3. To protect the lower body, while workout on the upper body

Let’s assume, an event cause a lower body injuries like knee injuries or surgeries that kept you out of exercise for a considerable time and you wish to workout on your upper body while you want to minimum the impact on lower body activities, and still want to do a phenomenal workout. This will be an advantage to join MMA and Boxing classes and a great reason to work on the upper body, specially if your lower body is injured.

4. Rotational Type of Sport

A lot of training or a typical training just works on one plane of motion. Typically we’re just moving forward or just will move backward. Where Else, a body can move multiple planes of motion, it can move sideways and can do rotation also. If you look at a lot of rotational sports like Cricket - we have to throw a ball or hit a six, Tennis - where have to swing tennis racket or Golf - where have to swing a golf club, which are very similar to the action of throwing punches in boxing. There’s rotation going and the human body is very happy when it's able to work in all this planes of motions that it supports, which a typical training does not address multiple planes of motion as Boxing does that's why it's a phenomenal and fantastic workout.

5. Skill Sport

Honestly, I love the 5th reason the most, that's because it's all about your skill. As a matter of fact, it's like doing a dance, a dance of combat. It's a favorite dance for an athlete to do. It keeps you entertained and keep your mind sharp. As you start learning your boxing skills which keeps you entertained and then when you practice them it entertains you even more. You are always working on your skills, always doing that dance of combat, keeps you entertained, keeps you focused, keeps you going, keeps you in the game.

This are the 5 reason why I think MMA and Boxing is phenomenal and you should do it. Join Health World Fitness Club today for MMA and Boxing classes.

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